Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us! We have volunteer opportunities for many different interests. You can volunteer directly at the bakery or the farm. We also have opportunities for offsite events, traveling to area schools or assistant living facilities with the donkeys, Newport Farmers Markets in the summer, local parades and donkey shows, and various other events. Listed below are descriptions of all the volunteer opportunities.


Non-Riding Equine

Assisting participants with farm related activities, such as working with donkeys to teach haltering, leading, and grooming.

Horticulture Program

Assisting participants with planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting produce.

Community Events

Taking part in community events, such as the Newport Farmers Market, area parades, and booth at local events.

Offsite Donkey Visits

Donkey demonstrations and donkey visits to assistant living facilities and local schools.

Aurora Bakery- Direct Service with Participant

Assisting participants with mixing, portioning, packaging, and customer service.

Aurora Bakery- Retail

Assisting customers with purchase and completing all associated tasks.


Please fill out an application and return it to Aurora Bakery at 29 Main St. Newport, NH or contact us at rtivtp@hotmail.com or (603)454-6102.

Volunteer Packet