Road To Independence Testimonials

“I would have to say that it has helped her to have a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Also, that it has helped her to bond with the animals.” States a home provider


Maryjane Vigneault from Woodlawn Care Center:

“I have to share with you this story.  One resident would not stand up out of his wheel chair for therapy and walk with the nurses.  I told him that if he tried to walk with the girls I would tell you and Pepper about his success!  He stood up and walked (assisted) down the hallway talking about Pepper the entire time.  We need to get her back here soon.  Do you by chance have a picture of Pepper that I could frame for this gentleman?  It is all he talks about.  Thank you so much for all that you do.  It really does change peoples lives.”


“Road to Independence exemplifies the principle of not all classrooms having four walls. Work is essential to a livelihood, a sense of worth, accomplishment, and overall life satisfaction. Road to Independence provides a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability designed as a result-oriented process. This focus improves a child’s academic and functional achievement to facilitate the child’s movement from school to post-school activities.” Quote from Amanda Hughlock Life Skills Teacher Sunapee Middle High School



Ann W. Firestone, President & Shelter Manager for Save Your

Ass Long Ear Rescue writes:


“My involvement with the Road To Independence folks has always been a pleasure. They are a well-loved and important part of our annual donkey and mule fun show.  The camaraderie shown, the willingness to get out and try new things on their own, as well as in a group, and the enthusiasm everyone puts into their part in the show is a joy to behold.”


L. has been working at the farm for about four plus years now and the difference it has made in his life shows almost daily since he began there.  Prior, L. had little in his life that motivated him and little purpose . L. has never had an interest in a “paid job” but he found a purpose in his life when he began working at the farm.  He has bonded with the others who work at the farm and those who work along side him.  Larry has never been afraid of hard work and it is believed that he likes the feeling at the end of the day of knowing he has done a good days work.  When asked if Larry is still happy working at the farm the answer is always the same Yes.” – from a participants’ guardian